Sam Starling

Things I've Done

This page is to showcase some of the software projects and websites that I’ve played a part in as a developer. This is just a selection — there are loads more projects over on my Github page.

Olympic Data API

The first project I was involved with after joining the BBC. It’s a Java web service that provides an XML API of live data about the Olympics for other teams — for example, the new BBC Sport website.


This is a webapp that aggregates now playing data for radio stations across the UK. It’s written in Python, using the Django framework, and is currently a private project.

Manchester International Festival

A website I worked on when I was at Cahoona, powered by Django. A big project, with interesting bits behind the scenes such media that’s automatically pulled in using oEmbed. Visit the site.


This is a project to teach myself about Node.js and WebSockets. It’s designed to show tweets on a big screen. See it in action on Heroku, and see the source on Github.

Bus Countdown

A Heroku app written in Ruby and using Sinatra — mainly an exercise in learning Ruby, but it also provides a JSON API for an iPhone app I’m playing around with. It’s running on Heroku.

Other Projects