Getting started with React

I've ventured into the world of Javascript frameworks a few times now. I created a fairly large [Backbone]( app, and played around with [Vue.js](, but that was a while ago. As someone who's been a back-end developer for the past few years, observing from the sidelines, it always seemed like the JS world moves quickly. However, now it seems like people are more-or-less settled on React — so it felt like a good time to learn. There's a lot of material out there, some of which I've found more useful than others, and so I thought it'd be useful to list the resources that have helped me the most: - ["The Road to Learn React"](, an open-source book by Robin Wieruch. Walks you through building an entire application, with each step building on the last. It also has a lot of good references to other resources, such as learning parts of ES6. - ["Thinking in React"]( from the official documentation. This was a good way to start to understand the philosophy of React: including the concepts of one-way data flow, and how to think about props vs. state. - ["What Even Is A React (And So Can You!)"](, a set of exercises by Tom Stuart. I'm a big fan of the koans style, and reimplementing parts of React and React DOM has been a useful exercise in understanding what happens behind the scenes.