Sam Starling
10 November 2011

Festival Radio 2011

Much like last year, I thought it’d be useful to write up a few quick thoughts about Festival Radio – which took place at this year’s Radio Festival up in Salford.

This year, we took on a slightly different incarnation. Instead of being live on various local DAB multiplexes and running it out of the old Xfm live room at Global’s Manchester studios, we were given a decent bit of space inside the Lowry itself to use as a base. Being in the same building as all the action was fantastic – it allowed us to be really flexible in what we covered, and meant we could turn things around a lot more quickly than we did last time.

Whilst this year might have seemed less ‘radio’ than last year, podcasts are much more suitable for the occasion. The main aim was to bring the Festival to those who were unable to make it, but there’s no denying that the delegates form a fairly large chunk of our audience. Last year, it was fairly impossible for delegates to tune in as our hours matched those of the Festival. Having it on demand is a massive improvement.

We’ve had some really good feedback from various people on Twitter, as well as a nice thank you from John Myers. As a team, it meant a lot to us to hear good things from respected people in the industry – so thanks, if you took the time to let us know you enjoyed it. I think the most interesting bit is listening to how they progressively improve.

Hopefully it’ll be back again next year, and no doubt it’ll be even better. If you didn’t catch them, you can listen to the podcasts on the Radio Academy website, or subscribe using iTunes.

Big thanks to Kate Cocker and Heather Davies for organising the whole thing, everyone at the Radio Academy for their help in making it happen, and to James Stodd and Dan Snaith at BBC Radio XTrails for the production.