Sam Starling
16 August 2010

Leaving London

A few weeks ago, I left Folder Towers in sunny Shoreditch, packed all my worldly possessions into cardboard boxes, and headed back up to Manchester.

My year-long stint at Folder was part of my Computer Science degree – a year in industry that I was allowed to find my own job for. After applying for (and eventually being rejected by) several big name banks, I decided to fire off e-mails to various contacts (hi, Andy) and see if they had any suggestions. Long story short – one Mr. Matt Deegan turned up, took a punt on a random student, and I spent a lovely 12 months with Folder Media.

This is a very quick, and admittedly very belated, post to thank some of the people who’ve helped me out during the year – everyone at Folder Media, Hallett Arendt, the Global Radio Creative Technology Team, and the Radio Academy, thank you all for your help/advice/tea over the past year.

I’m proud of the things we’ve made and achieved in the past year, if you get a spare five minutes with Matt, then make sure you persuade him to show some of it off to you. I’m carrying on working with Folder Media part-time whilst in Manchester, so watch out London – I’ll be back.