Sam Starling
1 November 2009

Analysing Exercise

Recently, I’ve been using Dailymile to track my running, a service which is basically like Google Analytics for exercise. It’s nice and simple to input data and has nice ways of tracking progress – for example, I’ve burned 26.88 donuts so far, but have still only made it 0.00% around the world. Still, there’s a goal.

Whilst it has an API, it’s still difficult to get recent data out of the service in a format that isn’t one of the badges they provide. However, a little bit of Javascript and RegEx magic later, and I’ve written a quick PHP wrapper that gets the latest data for a particular user and spits it out. You can see it in action on the right hand side.

I’ve started a project on Google Code where you can see the code and download it. You’re more than welcome to use and/or modify it, and it’d be great to hear from you if you do. Download it here. Hopefully putting the figures here for all to see might persuade me to run a bit more.