Sam Starling
16 August 2009

Crouch End Running

So I’ve taken to the roads again because a couple of my friends convinced me to do the Great Yorkshire Run, which takes place in Sheffield on Sunday 6th September. I didn’t really carry on running after the Great Manchester Run back in May, but it’s good to have another goal. I managed it in 1:13 last time, so anything better than that and I’ll be happy this time around.

A beautiful day in Crouch End today, so went out for a run around Priory Park and then Alexandra Park. Ended up at about 6.6km for the whole thing, coming in at about 50 minutes or so. I’ll put that down to the Farmer’s Market crowds hampering me on the way in to Alexandra Park, and the long slog of a hill you get as you run up to the Palace. Anyway, after a poke around Google Maps it looks like there’s a relatively gentle uphill run from the office to my flat that’s around 7.5km and skirts around Shoreditch Park and Finsbury Park. I’ll see how my pace fares there and report back!