Sam Starling
21 August 2009

Adventures into RadioDNS

Recently, I’ve been looking into the RadioDNS project – specifically the RadioVIS side of things. For the uninitiated, RadioDNS is a project that allows radio devices to obtain extra information about the station or programme that you’re listening to. The project defines the way that these services can be discovered by devices, and broadcast by providers.

The RadioVIS part of things is where it gets interesting as it allows for a station to broadcast images in a slideshow-esque fashion, as well as text (just like the existing DLS text on DAB). Global and the BBC are already signed up as supporters of the project, and are starting to broadcast data to go along with their services. At the time of writing, Global’s Capital FM were the only station to be running a public RadioVIS service as it’s the one used in their iPhone app.

There are a huge number of possibilities here, and Capital have quite a few nice ideas up and running — including updates on the status of Tube lines, the latest news and chart recaps. Mind you, it’s no surprise that they lead the way, as the Creative Technology team at Global in Bristol are the ones behind the bulk of existing development.

I’m in the middle of getting to grips with the framework and it’s underlying technologies at the moment, and intend to write up a ‘dummies’ guide to getting started and writing some simple Python applications around it within the next week or so. It should be very interesting to see what content people decide to deliver using RadioVIS as the project gains momentum, so I’ll be keeping my eyes (and ears) peeled.